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Thursday, February 13, 2014
Which Roadside Assistance Should You Opt For?

Which Roadside Assistance Should You Opt For?

Roadside Incidents are considered as hindrances to your enjoyment during a travel, making a holiday away from home town. This is also a big problem for people whose schedules are hectic. Road incidents can waste your time whether or not you agree with it. Even if you can’t do something to stop roadside incidents from happening, still you can prepare for it.

When car just stopped running, or when the car fails to start is considered as breakdown. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do with it especially when you don’t have practical knowledge when it comes to car repairs. However, there are also common car breakdown that you can take care or prevent from happening, and they are the following:

Flat Tire:

To experience a flat tire on your travel is hassle enough to ruin your day, especially when heading to a business meeting. Even though changing a tire is easy, this is time consuming and sometimes a dirty work. There are three common reasons why tires go flat:

Tire explosion is one of the main reason why tires go flat and there are also two main reason why tires explode, namely “high tire temperature, and too much air pressure”.  The tire explodes when there is too much air pressure, which can also be triggered with high temperature. What causes tire to heat up is high speed driving, weather, and increased friction. When tires heat up, the air in it expands increasing the air pressure and most of the time, it goes beyond the tire’s capacity that’s why a tire blowout happens.

Tires also go flat, when a sharp object gets lodged into the tire, puncturing the tire, making the air escape. While this does not happen too often, still we can’t avoid it from happening because we can’t know when there’s a sharp object that we are about to run over, unless it’s very obvious like a road spike. Sometimes, this causes tires to blow.

Valve Stem Leak

Valve stem leaks is also something that causes flat tire, but this is probably the most unnoticeable problem. This is common to old tires, because of wear and tear. To check whether valve stem is leaking, use a water with soap and try to cover the valve with it, when it produces bubbles the valve has leak.

Empty Gas Tanks

You might experience this during a long distance travel, when you underestimate the distance. This becomes a problem when you don’t bring extra gas with you, or there’s no gas station nearby. You are also going to experience this one if you forgot to refill, or when you are traveling, you are taking it for granted the chance of refilling your gas tanks when you passed by a gasoline station.


Engines go overheat for many reasons. Your engine overheats when the coolant level is low, this is due to coolant evaporation during hot weather, or you forgot to refill the coolant system after a repair, or maintenance. Bad thermostat is also a problem when it fails to open to cool the radiator. Also check if the radiator fan is working, if not, this can cause the engine to overheat. Here are some common causes of engine overheat.

Bad Thermostat: when the engine’s thermostat fails to open this will cause the engine to overheat. If your radiator fan is working properly, no cooling system leaks, and the water pump is working properly, then you have nothing to blame but the thermostat. Usually this is the main problem that can cause you too much trouble when you take this for granted.

Radiator Fan is not working: radiator fan helps to cool the radiator, without this your engine will easily go overheat. Also remember to fill the radiator with water before you drive. Always check the system if everything is working properly, this can help you avoid roadside incidents.

Leaked Cooling System: Cooling system is one if not the most important part of the vehicle to keep the engine from overheating. Your engine’s radiator and radiator hoses will tear after years of using it, be mindful of them, change them from time to time, don’t wait for your engine to overheat before replacing them. When hoses become weak because of pressure, and because it is old, air the coolant will leak and cause it to go under pressure, thus making your engine more prone to overheat.

These roadside accidents can happen any time, to you and when this happens, most of the time nobody will offer their help, especially when you are stranded in a remote area where there’s no passerby. You can prepare by subscribing to a roadside assistance plan. Roadside assistance providers are always there to help you when you need their help.

Where to Subscribe for a Roadside Assistance Plan:

When you want to secure your holiday, heading out of town, then you need to subscribe for a plan. This can help you ease your mind while you are traveling, and also keep you from getting stranded for a very long period of time. Choosing the right service takes more than just the benefits, of course, price and availability are also factors to consider before going for a service.

In United Sates, there are two roadside assistance service providers that stand out from their competitions, AAA and AutoVantage.

AAA is one of the best service provider in America and has been serving its customers for over a hundred years. However, with this kind of reputation, their service will cost a lot more than you expected.

AutoVantage, however is still young in providing the best services of roadside assistance. Speaking of age, they are now in their 25th year of serving happy customers, their need of roadside assistance.

Now, if you would assess which is better than which, then you can really say that AAA is better because they are around 100 years of service. Yes, they are better, if we consider age as most important. But let us look deeper to their differences, and let’s try if you can still say that age matters.

Differences of AAA and AutoVantage:

AAA Automotive
AAA Automotive

AAA Automotive:
Price: $139
Coverage: 100 miles
GPS Accuracy: Limited to certain carriers
Family: Pay additional amount per member
Lockout Assistance: car

The Best Roadside Assistance

AutoVantage Roadside Assistance Services:
Price: $69.99/year
Coverage: 150 miles
GPS Accuracy: LocateMe Technology. Leverages largest cellular carriers in America.
Family: Entire family covered
Lockout Assistance: car, and house or apartment.


One big difference is their price, and the coverage of car towing. The other covers only 100 miles and you will pay additional cost at exceeding mileage while the other covers 150 miles, with no extra charges. With just $69.99 your entire family is covered while the other service cost more, and you will pay additional charges when adding a family member. If you will just look at the benefits, you can be certain which company you would get services from, and that is AutoVantage.

In AutoVantage, you will surely get the price advantage, plus the advantage of service. That is from the price, to the services, you are surely having the advantage.

Benefits of AutoVantage to Consider:

  1. Secured Travel – with their 24/7 roadside assistance services, you are secured from any roadside incidents that you might encounter.
  2. Discount Repairs – you can have discounts for every maintenance, or repair on your vehicle. This way you can reduce the risk of experiencing roadside incidents. Not only that, you can also avail to their Mechanic’s Hotline, where you can call an auto expert to help you with your car problems.
  3. Get Travel Discounts – when you travel to places, you can surely make use of their accommodation discounts and car rental discounts. AutoVantage has large network of Hotels participating in their service, you can save up to %50 off, of their non-discounted rooms. There is over 20,000 participating hotels, for AutoVantage Hotel Savings Network. You can also save up to 25% from car, truck or van rental discount.
  4. Car Research – be up-to-date with car trends. AutoVantage will provide you with the latest car research, like how much a new and old car costs, car summaries, and car buying discounts.

If you are aiming for a kind of service that would save you a lot of money, plus more dependable than other services, then AutoVantage is for you. Now, you know why company age, does not matter when it comes to services, of course they have served more customers than the new ones, but it is still unsure if old service providers can offer you the biggest advantage. If you want to learn more about AutoVantage, or if you want to get their roadside assistance plan, just click here.
Monday, January 20, 2014
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9 Useful Money Saving Tips to Help You Get Out of Debt

 According to free money blog in a blog post, “a penny saved is a penny earned” and that is true. Setting aside the money instead of spending it on something that you don’t need, is like paying yourself, and most of all, you are also setting aside for the future. Through saving, you can also get out of debt. No one can predict the future, but we can prepare ourselves for it. Let me give you some practical money-saving tips.

Change Internet Speed Subscription

One of our expenses is our Internet subscription that we have to pay monthly, and all of us always go for the faster, type of service. Did you know that mostly, you can’t make use of the fast Internet Speed? Especially when you are just browsing and you only have 1 to 3 devices uses the connection and sometimes, they don’t connect to the Internet simultaneously. Change your subscription type, and choose the one with a slower connection, while you don’t have to choose the slowest, go for the ones that fits your needs. A 2 to 3mbps connection is enough for browsing and they are the most affordable subscription type.

Switch to Prepaid Phone Subscription

While communication is important, there are unnecessary and impractical uses of phones especially when we are at home. Going for a post-paid subscription will make you pay more at month end than if you are using prepaid. Prepaid can also be a hindrance when it comes to emergencies, but if you are aware that emergencies comes when least expected, you would save your phone credits for important messages or calls, only. You can even stop subscribing for your home phone, and stick to prepaid cell phone subscription. This will save you more than you can think of, but if you are running a business, this might not be suitable for you.

Get Services in Bundle

In today’s world, cable service providers expanded their business and now they provide telecommunication services, and most importantly, Internet services. When you ask a company to provide you with bundled services, they are going to give you advantages, and one advantage is that you are going to pay lesser amount, than subscribing cable, telephone, and internet from separate service providers.

Heat Water Using a Gas Stove

It’s common that we take hot drink when it’s morning, when it’s cold, or when we want to. Sometimes, we even heat water to take a bath. While heated water is part of our daily routine, we can save up to 30% when using a gas stove to heat water, than usual electrical heaters or water dispensers because gas stoves are far better in supplying heat than electric stoves.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

While fire has been used widely – meaning to almost anything when it comes in the kitchen – there are also appliances that works only using electricity, like lights, microwave ovens, blenders, mixers and so on. Choose the ones that are energy efficient.

Minimize Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

Some people got used to drinking alcoholic beverages, but minimizing this can help us save money. Most alcoholic beverage is unaffordable or cost more than soda drinks. (Though soda drinks are unhealthy and you should avoid em!)

Choose Subscription over Newsstands

 If you love reading, you will find it hard to live without your favorite magazine. Subscribe for your favorite magazine than buying them in newsstands. This way, you can save more because they offer discounts to their subscribers.

Pay Annually if You Can

If you have life insurance, it’s common that you will have to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. Obviously, you are going to pay bigger amount than the monthly payment or quarterly, but if you are going to calculate, multiply your monthly payment equivalent to twelve months, still, paying annually saves you more.

Switch Off Appliances Totally

Putting your electronic appliances in standby mode, still consumes energy. The best example is your television. Once you turn it off using the remote control, it won’t totally switch off, but it goes to standby mode. Pull the plug to ensure that it won’t consume energy, any more.

You can start saving with these practical tips and the more you start thinking to save rather than waste money, you are going to discover more tips, like collecting your unused or junked things, repair them, and resell. It was said, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Learn how to do this by getting the Free Money Book, by Kevin Trudeau.

Sunday, November 17, 2013
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Reducing Diet to Lose Weight Fast

Reducing diet is a way of losing weight that follows the basic principle of eating kinds of foods with the nutrients but with a general goal of fast weight loss. The diet is basically low in calories and fats but has complex carbohydrates that supplies vitamins and it is also rich in fiber that supports better digestion of food. It is also a good advice that weight loss should be gradual to prevent or reduce the tendency of getting sick because of the diet. Before reducing calorie intake, you should first consult your doctor or your dietitian because they know what is best for you. Note that foods, like vegetables, whole grains and fruits contain complex carbohydrates. Nut milk can also speed up the process of losing weight because nut milks contains fats, that actually helps you burn more fat. If you want to get nut milk bags, you can get them here, in premium quality.

Some tips for Reducing Diet or Weight loss Diet

  1. Before anything else, consult a your trusted dietitian or a physician because professionals know when you need to reduce and how much restriction of calories your body can take, how much you should lose and they know what kind of foods you should eat.
  2. Always choose low-calorie foods, so you should avoid sweets, especially cakes, candies, ice cream, desserts with cream toppings, pies, and chocolates – which are very hard to resist.
  3. Eat less fat so you should avoid eating pork, and animal skin.
  4. Limit your egg yolk intake into 2 to 3 yolks per week only.
  5. Avoid or reduce eating salty foods, like junk foods, or salty dishes that encourage more rice consumption.
  6. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of drinking water a day and that is in between meals. That should total to 16 glasses of water per day.
  7. Avoid drinking coffee, teas, and alcoholic beverages – especially that alcoholic drinks are high-calorie beverages.
  8. Avoid shakes, like milk shakes. Avoid soda drinks and sweetened artificial juices and chocolate drinks.
  9. Increase your fiber intake, this will make you feel full without gaining too much calories because fiber is bulky. Fiber is also a best ally for people trying to control their weight. 
  10. Increase vegetable intake, whole grains, and fruits.
  11. Choose legumes, fish, poultry and veal which contain less fat and cholesterol than beef or pork. Cholesterol should be avoided if you aim to control your weight.
  12. Avoid butter and fattening sauces. Eat regularly especially breakfast. In-between meals should also be avoided, if hungry drink water instead. (Refer to our quick weight loss tips.)
  13. Eat good breakfast and lunch, but light supper is required. If you plan to skip a meal, skip supper.
  14. Exercise is also needed to support your physique and it also speeds up the process of losing weight.
  15. Keep track of your body weight to see if you are safely losing weight. Losing weight too very fast can be dangerous especially if your dietitian does not allow you to abruptly, lose weight.
  16. Think about losing weight and that means, all the time.

Losing weight is essential to people who are not allowed to increase their weight too much because of some health conditions, especially that lifestyle diseases are common to our world and these diseases are commonly found on people with too much weight.  Did I mention losing weight too fast is can be dangerous? You can lose weight up to ten pounds in ten days, safely, through raw food diet to lose weight fast but safe.

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